Dental Handpiece
& X-Ray Sensor Repair

Professional Dental Engineering is the dental choice for repairing your instruments to OEM standards. Quality parts used for repairs and years of experience in the dental industry.

Keeping your dental equipment in pristine working order helps your practice, your patients, and your peace of mind.

Johnathan Willis DDS

Expert Handpiece Repair

X-Ray Sensor Repair

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We Repair The Following

  • High Speed Handpiece repairs:
  • Slow Speed Handpiece Repairs
  • Electric Handpiece repairs
  • Sonic Scaler Repairs
  • X-Ray Sensor Repairs

We offer EXPERT & PROFESSIONAL service for your repairs.  We specialize in bringing your equipment back to factory standards.

Don’t forget all repairs get FREE SHIPPING & HANDLING.

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We keep your dental handpieces in FACTORY condition so you can focus on providing excellent care for your patients.

Our Services

Handpiece Repair

Low Speed Repairs

 6 Month Warranty

Standard overhauls include replacement of bearings, O-rings, seals and all  necessary parts to bring your handpiece to working order. Cleaning and polishing of exterior, and testing to industry required psi.

STAR: $160
KAVO: Free estimates
LARES: $160

High Speed Repairs

4 Month Warranty

Standard overhauls include replacement of bearings, O-rings and seals, cleaning of air and water lines, cleaning and polishing of exterior, lubrication and testing.

MIDWEST: $85-$140
STAR: $95-$160
KAVO: $95-$160
NSK/BRASSLER: $95-$160
LARES: $85-$160

Electronic Handpiece Repairs

6 Month Warranty

We repair all major brands.
Contact Us for an estimate.


Full Warranty
Overhaul includes replacement of bearings, gears, and testing.
STAR: $85
KAVO: Free estimates
Call us if your handpiece isn’t listed.

Fibre Optic Replacement

Full Warranty
All fiber optic replacements are fully warrantied
STAR: $140
KAVO: Call for pricing
Call us if your replacement isn’t listed.

X-Ray Sensor Repair

Professional Dental Engineering is the leader in the X-Ray sensor repair services. We make the repair process quick, easy and affordable.  Our technicians are highly trained and provide expert service for your repair.


We Repair The Following Brands

  • Dexis
  • Carestream
  • Schick
  • Gendex
  • Kodak
  • Sirona
  • And more.


"Affordable and fast. I appreciate the quick service."

Dr. Martha SchottDDS

"We go through tips on our instruments so fast. Thanks for helping us out."

Gorin's Horse FarmMatt

"This is a great piece to get your handpieces repaired. I often cannot afford new ones, so the work is appreciated."

Stanley GeorgeProfessor

"I was tasked with getting the equipment taken care of in our office. Professional Dental made it so easy. Thank you."

Tina BruncusDental Assitant

"PDE makes it easy, why go anywhere else."

Dr. Timothy Stern